Cougar on eBay

We offer a wide range of:
  • Computer Components and Accessories, including mice, keyboards, speakers, webcams, USB hubs, cardreaders, headsets, microphones, UPS units, etc.
  • Gaming accessories, peripherals, add-ons, gaming seats, VR headsets, wheels, pedals, joysticks, joypads, etc.
  • PC repair and service parts, including PSU's, CPU coolers/heatsinks, thermal paste, video cards, hard drives, memory, optical drives, cases, motherboards, CPU's etc.
  • Audio/Video Cables, adapters, switches and connectors of every conceivable type, including made to order/measure RJ10/11/45 cables
  • Wireless and wired network accessories, hubs, components, cables, powerline kits and adapters
  • Engineering supplies, including all types of cable crimp ends, crimping tools, tool kits, test equipment/meters, soldering irons, solder stations and spares, lead free solder
  • VESA & non VESA wall and ceiling mounts for all projector, video, flat screen and TV mounting
  • Computer Consumables, including papers, ink cartridges, refill kits, bulk inks, blank CD's/DVD's, CD/DVD cases
  • Camera Tripods, accessories, camera bags, and photo studio kits
  • LED torch and lighting products of all types
  • Mirror balls, motors, strobes, disco lights, smoke machines, etc.
  • A limited range of unusual gift ideas

We stock and sell a vast range of cables, adapters, connectors, components, accessories and consumables, as well as a complete range of audio/video cables, switches, camera tripods, accessories, and ancilliary products.  With over 2,000 lines in stock we are sure to have something to interest you and probably something you don't even know you need yet, as well as most hard to find cables, adapters and accessories.  If you need something desperately quick then you can of course pop in and collect any stock item, or alternatively either telephone in an order with payment for instant dispatch or purchase from one of our eBay shops.

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